Personalised E Ink packaging for cosmetics coming soon!

E Ink and TEXEN has just announced their collaboration to bring a whole new level of personal to the world of cosmetics through personalised packaging.

“With the rise of beauty on a micro scale, our partnership with E Ink looks to enable our cosmetic customers to be the first to offer customizable digital packaging,” said Stéphane LESPRIT, TexenLab Innovation Manager at TEXEN. “With E Ink’s battery-free, thin, lightweight and durable technology, brands could enhance their packaging without having to alter the shape and design of their packaging, truly making this solution a first for the industry.”

Utilising the low power consumption and high contrast display of E Ink, TEXEN seeks to personalise packaging for makeup products. Through Near Field Communications (NFC), E Ink displays can be updated easily by a smartphone. The smartphone will also provide the power needed to change the display. The E Ink display requires no further power input after the display changes, negating the need for any power source.

With its high degree of visibility and flexibility, E Ink displays may be the revolutionary crux to revitalising the stagnant packaging market. Personalised messaging can be easily integrated into packaging with the customisable E Ink displays. Consumers can add their own personal touch by adding their names or writing messages to gift recipients.

The integration of E Ink displays and cosmetic packaging will also facilitate targeted advertising and social media campaigns. Consumers purchasing a specific makeup product can find out about other complementary products through the customised packaging. This will not only improve consumer experience but also add another dimension to advertising as well.

Consumers can also use sensor or diagnostic components in the E Ink display modules to create their own beauty formulation. Beauty treatments can be enabled accordingly based on skin conditions as affected by factors such as weather and air humidity.

“As products and packaging design continue to go digital, ePaper is increasingly emerging as the technology of choice,” said Hui Lee, senior director for business development at E Ink. “Our technology has brought innovation to industries once reluctant to change, such as the pharmaceutical market. We are looking forward to working with TEXEN to expand the realm of possibilities for the beauty packaging industry.”

E Ink has demonstrated its versatility with the growing range of products inspired by E Ink. The Inkcase for example makes use of the high contrast display and low power consumption of E Ink to allow users to convert their phones to e-readers by simply flipping the phone.

Oaxis InkCase displays your push notifications with minimal power consumption.
Inkcase also allows you to display your to-do list at the back of your phone.

The solution is currently available and E Ink and TEXEN are taking customer orders. For more information please visit E Ink.


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